Photo by Vruyr Martirosyan on unsplash. (Few days to Valentine) When we finally packed into the only available house in the neighborhood, all eyes were on us.  The former house were we lived in, was nothing to write home about, in terms of basic amenities, security and other factors. Some times we wouldn’t have power supply for up to two weeks and counting. Philip my husband would keep sighing and hissing in discomfort every day that passed. “Haven’t you found a house yet?!” He said one morning over the phone. Philip was speaking with his house agent, while I and Michael my only child, stood behind the door eavesdropping on everything which they were discussing concerning the house. We smiled to each other; we were really excited to move to a new house. One evening, Philip came back, with a smile on his face.  “The agent texted me few minutes ago; he has found one” “Really?” I asked; excitement building up. “Thank goodness”  “It’s a two bedroom flat; it’s th


Photo by Megan te Boekhorst in unsplash The moment I opened my eyes, I knew that something wasn’t right. I couldn’t think clearly and only focused on the danger before me. From where I lay, I watched as two strangers stood watching me; they must have been waiting for me to wake up. They were in white clothes; I concluded that they were here for something evil. ——————————————————————— “You are a useless child! I regret giving birth to you! You don’t deserve to live!” The voice echoed again in my mind, bringing me back to a tiny bit of reality. It was my mum who had said such words to me the previous day. Well, As a depressed person, I was already used to such words; I could never tell the reason why she hated me. It had all started ever since dad left us. Whenever mum said such to me,    I would go to my room and hide myself under my blanket, wallowing in my shell of depression, no one to talk to. I would bury myself in pain