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  - (HILDA) "Welcome to boarding school!" The voice exclaimed; I recognized it. It was that of the senior prefect who had dealt with me that night. I tried to figure out where I was, for some minutes I couldn't tell. I watched as he gave me some strokes of the cane; he laughed happily as he did; I saw my self crying.   "I don't train bad students..." this voice also sounded familiar, it was that of Sir Paul the hostel administrator. I wailed loudly as he whipped me with his own cane.  ———————————————————————— It was still dark when I heard the sound of a bell being rung from a distance. I concluded that it was the Rising Bell; meant to wake every student from sleep. I opened my eyes; perhaps I'd been dreaming all these while. The hostel seemed to be dark, and slightly illuminated with the torchlights of some students. From where I lay, I could see a lot of them, jumping down from their beds and moving out with their buckets. I'd never woken up th


- (THE NIGHT ADVENTURE)   "Where is the bucket?" Tom asked; he'd walked up to me that night while everyone was still sitting and reading. I must have slept off, because I had no book with me to glance through. Earlier, I had found a stool and a table at a corner of the classroom with no owner. There I sat, for the whole time moping at the new faces; they were my classmates, I just had to get used to them.    "It's behind the classroom" I said, raising my left hand to check the black wrist watch which hung on it; it was twenty minutes to 9pm.  "We must leave now" he said to me. "Huh?" Tension was already building up inside me; it was too early to leave; "we can leave once prep is over" I suggested. He smiled; he knew I was already getting scared. "We have to leave now, the security officers don't patrol the field till about thirty minutes after prep" he explained. I shrugged; it was so weird for me; it was my


  - (FIRST DAY, FIRST ADVENTURE)    I hadn't even stayed up to 24hrs in my new school; and here I was, about to embark on a deadly adventure. He introduced himself as Thomas. "You can call me Tom" he said. I'd first met him earlier in the afternoon; the hostel master instructed him to help me carry my things from the car park to the hostel. And then I met Tom again at night some minutes before the night preparatory classes commenced; it usually lasted for two hours; they called it NIGHT PREP.  "Where is your bucket?" Tom asked me; I didn't even know him.  He had walked up to me that evening and tried to assure me that we'll be safe. "No need to to be sacred MON AMIE, we won't be caught" he said to me smiling. The word MON AMIE sounded familiar; yes, it was a French word, it's meaning was; MY FRIEND. I wondered where he learnt it from; Tom didn't look like a serious student. His set of teeth were terrible; they shone with disgust