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Photo by Harrison Haines in That morning, I stepped out to pick up the newspaper from the mail box which stood in front of my house. It was now a daily routine for me since I arrived Gold city  few  month s ago . The moment I saw the little paper which was placed within the pages of the newspapers, I perceived that something wasn’t right. For the past few months of my short stay there, I hadn’t seen such.   It was a tiny piece of paper which had inscriptions of red ink on it. Curiously, I peered closely at the inscriptions. It seemed not to be direct, but encoded in some sort of special letters and numbers. I knew the language; I could remember where and how I’d learnt it.  It was from my former cult group, back in Silver city. It was the main reason why I relocated to such a quiet town. Well, I didn’t want to fidget, because I was new to the town, and wasn’t expecting anyone to be keeping tabs on me; talk more of addressing me via a tiny piece of paper.   “I-WILL” I decoded