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  (A Touching story)   The bus driver left the bus station with the bus filled with passengers. It was a total number of 19 passengers. It was a cool and clement weather. The journey was supposed to be roughly 4 hrs. The passengers seemed hopeful and excited. There was a family of five inside the bus too, there sat a merchant, a doctor, an engineer, a pastor; even a thief was among the occupants of the bus.     The pastor, being touched decided to lead out in a prayer session some minutes after the journey had commenced. As the prayer session continued, (which lasted for about 20 minutes) the pastor preached on repentance, he also preached on the need for Christians to always act and behave like Jesus Christ in any situation, urging them not to forget the one who created them. He shouted on top of his voice and a lot of people were touched. After the prayer, everywhere became silent, indeed people were pondering on his words.     Soon, the silence was broken by people talking to ea


(THE INITIATION)   "Are you his son?!" The man asked me, raising his voice excitedly. I nodded and wondered why he smiled. He was the same person I had seen some minutes ago whipping some students mercilessly on their buttocks at the assembly ground; wearing a straight face like he was the devil, or related to him. His name was Mr.Thompson; the school disciplinary master. "When you were little, I carried you around" he said. Well that was the least I wanted to hear at the moment, but then he went on and on.  "I cleaned your poop" he said, looking me in the eyes; he held that gaze for a while and then laughed loudly.  "Thank you sir" I managed to say; I wondered if he really needed to remind me that. Mr Thompson, like I later got to know, was a good old friend of my father. He explained that they attended the same university. They both lodged in the same apartment from year one to final year.  Well, his story got so boring along the line. I


      (A Tragic Story) When martins banged the door after leaving, she sat down on the sofa and wept. Halima was pained, she couldn’t ever imagine missing Bola’s wedding, or that she didn’t want to believe she was about to. Her best friend for that matter: she and Bola had been friends ever since. From the time they were kids. They had daydreamed a lot, imagining how their future would turn out to be. “I would love to marry a wealthy man, maybe a banker” Bola would say excitedly. “Oh! I would love to marry a fair and tall man and maybe an Engineer” Halima would continue from where Bola stopped. They would then laugh at each other’s silliness and run out to continue playing hide and seek with other girls.  As they grew, they discovered that they were already so attached to each other. They were getting along with each other quickly; the world seemed interesting and more promising to them. Luckily, they kept being neighbors and even attended the same school.  They had to part ways after


HILDA❤️   "We wanted to hear from you last night" Dad said over the phone; I was silent for a while; I didn't know what next he wanted to say. "Good morning sir" I managed to say. "Anyways, hope you're safe?" He asked. "Yes sir" I heaved a sigh of relief. "Are you enjoying the environment?" "Of course sir" How was I meant to say No, and even if I did, it wouldn't change anything. "Your mum wants to speak with you" he said; I waited as he passed the phone to mum. "Hello son" she said softly, her voice sounding so sweet as usual. One thing I loved mum for, was her accent and the it sounded whenever she spoke; it was so lovely and soul soothing. "Hey Momma"  "I've missed you" she said. Well I wasn't used to the usual "I miss you too" which other kids usually said in movies that I'd watched before. "Thank you" I said. "You're