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​​​As he walked down the hilly part to church, he thought of her. Sergio’s parents had left for church with their old little car about thirty minutes earlier; he was still asleep when they left. He thought of her; her name was Jane. He remembered how they had met; it was on his way back from school some months ago. He had spotted her within her peers.  He had pinched himself countless times for not noticing her all these while. This was his first time in such a terrible situation; his relationship with Jane had lasted only five months before it happened. He was 17 and she was a year younger. From where he was, he could sight the church; its big bells hanging magnificently and being protected under a long structure. The area was a hilly one. He sighed and hissed almost simultaneously. Though he could see the church building, he knew he still had a long way to go. ​He continued in his thoughts; alas they would keep him company throughout the long journey. He remembered the moment she sla


Bassey   lay  on his death bed, he stared at the ceiling. It was empty and looked tattered. He coughed painfully, looking at his wife, he smiled sadly; there seemed to be no hope, indeed there wasn’t .  At that same momen t, Rufus was at his own house  me rrying with friends; they threw bundles of new Naira notes into the air.  “LOUDER, LOUDER!!”,  one of the party guys shouted to the Disc Jockey (DJ)  who seemed to be engrossed with his music equipments. They all smoked and drank alcohol. The middle aged man continued till late at night. ​ As the security man ushered the last guest out, he received a phone call and quickly ran to tell Mr. Rufus.  “ Oga   Bassey  is dead sir”     “NEVER  FORGET  YOUR  FAMILY” .  These where the last words which  Bassey  said to his wife and two daughters. He began shivering uncontrollably; then there was  this darkness, it was so peaceful that it made him stretch himself so well before embracing it. The last words he heard before losing consciousness w