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  PHOTO BY JAZEEL JAZ IN UNSPLASH When we were in primary school, we were thought that mosquitoes were prevalent or always present in areas containing bushes and stagnant waters. Well, I’ll take such teachings to be outdated because the mosquitoes of nowadays show no mercy. They don’t care whether you’ve got a stagnant water or bushes around your house.  In Nigerian homes they’re just in every possible place you can think of; under the chairs in the sitting room, behind the wall clock, inside your shoes on your shoe rack, by your window side, waiting for the right time to strike which is always at night. Once, when I was younger, I had slept through the night without a shirt on, despite the warnings from my mother. And being a deep sleeper I didn’t feel any tiny movements or prickles on my fresh and warm body till the next morning. I woke up to see these creatures perching firmly on the wall beside me, bloated and looking larger than their normal siz


  Photo by Eliseu Dias in Unsplash I met Robert when I was in my year three in the university; he was a final year student about to round up his Engineering course while I was studying mass communication by then. He was a handsome, slightly tall and a well built young man. Robert’s smile was something else; it made me feel at home. To me, he was a rare personality.   Our first year together was quite memorable. Just as other couples in the university would; we hung out, went to the movies together, swam together, of course we smooched and gave each other tight and long hugs. But one thing about Robert, made me know that he was really into me and that he wanted me in his future. He wasn’t just after my body like other guys; he was also after my wellbeing, my happiness and peace of mind. Sometimes when we had some misunderstandings, he would be the first to apologize, even though he was right. Then he would encourage the both of us to move on and forg